Rowers need to wear tight fitting clothing that does not interfere with the moving parts of a rowing machine or boat. It is important to dress in layers as the weather can be quite cool in the early morning. Also, LVR rowers must wear hi-viz yellow as their visible layer when on Boyd Lake. This is a safety precaution as Boyd has significant motor boat traffic. The sun can be bright so a visor, hat or sunglasses are recommended.

Since we carry the boats across the beach and into shallow water before climbing in, wear shoes you can kick off (flip flops, clogs) and get back on easily on the beach. You cannot wear shoes in the boats! Some of us carry a pair of dry socks to put on once we are in the boat. Some of us wear beach socks instead and keep them on throughout, including in the boat. If your pants are longer, you may want to roll them up before you start carrying the boat so that they don’t get wet as water may be at or above your knees when you walk into the water. You can bring water bottle into the boat, but there is not room for much else.