If you have prior rowing experience, you have the opportunity to join Loveland Rowing (LVR). Inexperienced rowers who meet basic fitness requirements may join upon completion of a Learn to Row.

All LVR members:

    • Have option to attend local and away regattas and race under the LVR name.
    • Participate in land workouts.
    • Access group water practices from June-October.

2019 Regular Membership

      • Access to land and water training.
      • Use of club equipment during non-practice times upon certification.
      • One year of membership (April-March)
      • Single membership: $275
      • Family membership (two adults): $375

2019 Rack Rental

      • Availability is limited and assigned
      • Proof of insurance is required
      • All State Park rules and regulations must be followed
      • Members: $50
      • Non-members: $200

2019 Waitlist

    • If the other membership options are closed, you can ask to be placed on a waiting list. We limit our membership based on available equipment, and do not anticipate a waitlist this year.
    • Contact lovelandrowing@gmail.com to be placed on the waitlist.

[Please be aware that there are a several other costs and requirements associated with  joining LVR.  You must have a State of Colorado Annual Parks Pass  in order to enter our practice site on Boyd Lake ($80/year). A US Rowing membership is required (Basic: $9.75). If you want to take out club equipment outside of practice times, we charge a $50 certification fee. Additionally, you must have a fitness club membership in order to participate in off-season land training practices (~$$+/month). Members who choose to attend regattas will be responsible for their own travel, hotel, food, entry fees, and boat rentals. (varies by regatta)]