Rowing is a rewarding sport, but it does cost money. We want you to know what you are getting into and are committed to working within a budget that does not include nickel-and-diming you to death! We do find that many potential rowers are already spending some of this money- parks pass, gym membership, etc.- and therefore the actual overall cost is not as high as it seems.

Rowers typically fall into one of several camps- novice , recreational or competitive.

Experienced Recreational Annual Cost Estimate

  • $80 Colorado State Parks Pass
  • $275 Loveland Rowing Membership
  • $480 Annual Fitness Membership ($40 +/month depending on your plan)
  • $9.75 Basic US Rowing Membership
  • TOTAL: $845/year or $67/month

Competitive Annual Cost Estimate

  • $845 Recreational annual cost
  • $500 Pumpkinhead of the Colorado travel, hotel, entry fees, etc.
  • $50 Indoor rowing regatta fee
  • TOTAL: $1,395/year or $117/month