Practice Notice – and Schedule

Greeting fellow rowers,

Lots of emails tonight regarding fall rowing. I will be sending out a google doodle poll for everyone to fill out but I want to give you some brief instructions prior to sending the poll.

  • The poll will denote your availability but this does not necessarily mean you will get to row just because you are available. There are only so many numeric configurations I can put together with the current boats we have available to us, BUT I will attempt to get everybody at least 3 rows per week.
  • There are 3 options for availability YES, NO and (YES). The first two are hopefully obvious but the second (YES) indicates that you are available only if you are truly needed i.e you would really rather sleep that day but if 1 more body is needed to fill a boat then you can and will row.
  • Rowing practices are at 5:15 AM Mon, Tue, Thurs  and Fri and 6:00 AM Saturday. No scheduled club rows on Wed or Sun.
  • The doodle is for the entire month of September so you can fill out your availability for the entire month or week by week. The link remains active. Explicit instructions on finding subs is contained in the Loveland rowing email you will already have received.
  • Remember to hit save ( lower right hand corner of the poll) after you enter your information or else all of your entries will disappear.
  • This Saturday is our first 0600 Saturday practice. Please fill out your availability for the next coming week by 10pm of Saturday September 3rd. I will have the weeks boating to you by 5pm ( probably earlier) of Sunday the 4th.
  • IMPORTANT If you have your own life jacket (PFD) at home could you please bring it to practice. We only have 8 PFDs and technically need one for every boated person We will get more PFDs but if you have your own then you could take it back and forth to practice with you.

See you on the water

– Morgan


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