Practice Changes

Happy September Rowers!
First of all, thank you all for bringing your passion to the water time and time again. The Loveland Rowing community has grown into a fantastic group, comprised of about 50% experienced rowers and 50% novice. This brings a lot of challenges and the board is working hard to address the varied needs and issues that arise. As our structure becomes stronger, we will have more consistency. Patience and willingness to work together is integral to our success, we need each other to grow and flourish.
Our club is a young, all-volunteer organization – your input is important, as well as your participation. Board meetings are open, everyone is welcome to attend (board meeting schedule is on the website calendar). At present, the minutes are available upon request, with a longer term plan to have them posted on a secure site. For now, please alert if you would like copies of minutes.
Additionally, please save the date for our First Annual Members Meeting! The annual meeting will be a potluck, held on September 19th from 6-8. Please come and share your thoughts and food! Location is to be determined. The board will review our structure, our progress and plans for the future.
There is a change in our practice procedure. Practices will be open to everyone based on their availability, and we will no longer be using Rosterbot.
Process: Morgan as Head Coach will send out a doodle poll. Deadline to enter availability for the next week’s practices is Saturday night, line ups will be posted Sunday night. Morgan will set boat line-ups focusing on opportunity for skill building, guidance, fitness and fun. The priorities of listening to coaches and keeping safety in mind at all times still remain protocol.
Cancellation policy: (If you cannot make a practice, do not give your availability for that day)
  • Cancelling more than 24 hours before practice – alert Morgan and she will revise line-ups
  • Cancelling within less that 24 hours, you must find your own sub. A sub list will be provided
  • Sub List – The board will send out an email asking for contact information for those who want to be on the sub list. If you do not want your information shared or do not want to be a sub, do not sign up for the sub list
Boat additions/news:
SWEEP – We now have sweep oars, so are not limited to the quads for practice, we can use the 8+
COXING – The 8 must be coxed, which will need to be a shared duty – a requirement for anyone who wishes to row in a sweep boat, just like bowing for sculls. However, not everyone knows how to cox; like rowing, it is a learned skill. For now, Morgan will rotate people through the cox seat, using a variety of methods to bring everyone up to speed.
SCULLING – We have a new/used single. The single is a challenge for new rowers as it is balanced differently but is an exciting opportunity. Rowing the single requires that you have bow experience (are ‘bow certified’). Morgan may put you into the single during a practice when you can receive personalized coaching and learn how to bow and manage the boat.
We have about a month and a half left on the water so let’s take advantage of it!
Club communication is improving, every month a newsletter is published via email, facebook and the website. The calendar with board meeting dates is published on the website, as is our safety policy. Loveland Rowing email is monitored diligently and is the right venue for all concerns and communications to the board. Please reach out at all times – we are listening.
Thank you again for your wonderful selves,
Annelies and the Loveland Rowing Board.
PS – Please note that your current coaching team is; Morgan (Head Coach), Julie, Dana, and Robbin – with Walter and Annelies as sub-coaches

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