Captain Jack’s Coaching Corner

captain jacks corner v2

Welcome Loveland rowers to my coaching corner. I’m Captain JA Jack long time rowing coach and former Olympian. Can’t wait to see the live stream rowing footage from the Rio Olympics. Hope you’ll take a chance to watch some of those races and look at the bundling of power, grace and unity that defines both the sport and the athletes. Each Newsletter I’ll be bringing you little tidbits of coaching wisdom that I’ve gleaned over the years. I also encourage you to contact your own coaches with questions that I might help them answer to both improve your rowing and increase your love for the sport. Rowing is AWESOME or as we like to say in the old country OARSOME!

Today’s coaching tip center’s on how we work with each other and with the boat to make it MOVE.Henry Ford said it well in his oft quoted words ……….

                                              Coming together is a beginning;
                                               keeping together is progress

                                               working together is success. 

The boat is a place where we abandon our own egos and sit as one. We are not four, or two, or eight people in the boat but each an equal portion striving to forge ONE unit together with the boat. Focus on your OWN rowing, striving to make each stroke better than the last and being aware of how your actions affect the movement and harmony of the ENTIRE boat. Now let’s get out on the water and row.


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